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Originally Posted by reallytoosmallforsex View Post
Same thing for me, anything more than the thumb and forefinger is way too much. The pleasure is intense with just that however. I've really gotten into prostate milking/anal masturbation and electrical devices because I like a bigger mess than cums out of my tiny penis by just a thumb and finger job. An electrode pushed down the urethra makes a huge reason to wash my sheets, although I never do. They are as stiff as a shingle from dried cum.
Anal masturbation can be fun. Never tried prostate milking. How does one milk it? I am interested in inserting certain objects down my urethra which can offer good pleasure. It can be fun and interesting sometimes. However I don't know if I would want to shock my cock and sticking anything in the urethra can cause urinary tract and bladder infections. I have however been trying to find a decent vibrating sound.
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