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Here is one i thought of along time ago....

Scene starts with a guy in the shower and once he is done he looks out the door to make sure no one is in view and closes the door to finish drying off. The guys sister in law in there waiting on like laundry or something to dry and as he walks out naked he notices his sister and law sitting on the couch and she looks down and see's his little penis and tries not to laugh hard. As he stands embarrassed he walks into his room distraught about what just happened.

He is sitting on his bed waiting for her to leave when he hears a knock on the door. He says that he doesn't want to talk and the sister in law opens the door up. She tells him that she didn't mean to laugh but just had never seen a penis so small. As he sits there and asks her to leave she stops and asks him "Can i get a better look?". As he hesitates she tells him not to worry she will never mention this to anyone. She gets on her knee's as he removes his towel and she gives it a closer look. As he sits there his penis starts to slightly grow and throb as her hand gets closer. He says again that this feels weird and she assures him that nothing will leave the room.

She starts to slowly touch it and asks how big does it get. As he explains it barely grows she puts her mouth on it and gives a slow suck. She says she can feel it throbbing in her mouth and asks if he wants her to keep going. As she is slowly sucking he tells her yes it feels so good.

And after that you could pretty much go oral for oral or some reverse cowgirl or something. Just thought of a opener.
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