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If I had a cool 600-700 to spend, I would hit up an escort. Im one the dudes crazy refers to, I just want this to be over with...and it's an escort so that means things will be don't properly. Most are safe and clean, and pretty to boot. Greatsayanman, can tell us how your life has been with a small size?
$600-$700, what escort service do you plan on going to, the one for celebrities?
I think all you need is $350-$450, plus money for hotel room.
And listen man, i kind of understand where the others are coming from. In regards to saving yourself, and not loosing it to just anyone.
The problem with those statements is that you are not a virgin by choice. You are a virgin because of the cards you were dealt. So saving yourself for that reason makes it less special.
Do it once, just see, smell, feel what pussy is like. Once, just to get the hang of it.
After that, follow my advice and go pick up some girls that are not from around your area.
You could have started a conversation with any one of the girls that you say always stare at you for some reason. What you will realize once you get into the groove of regular that most girls are pretty much the same. Sex is not some magical power that you have, but simply a fun activity that becomes less of a big deal once your not deprived of it.
I always loved this quote "sex is like air, its not a big deal unless you are not getting any"
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