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An Englishman stops of at a country pub in Wales for a quick pint. A group of Taffs sitting at a table start to nudge each other and one says, "Ees going to buy us all a round."
Just as the guy is downing his pint, one of the Taffs comes up beside him and says,
"You're not from these parts, are you?"
-"No, I'm from London."
"What's you be doing here then?"
"I'm a taxidermist."
-"Oh, come here in your taxi have you?"
"No. I'm a taxidermist; I stuff animals."
"I stuff animals. Right now I'm looking for a sheep to stuff."
The Taff turns to his mates and calls out,
"I'm buying HIM a drink. He's one of us."

(For the benefit of the guys in the US, the Welsh are all sheepshaggers).
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