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Default Is there something weird going on here?

The last couple of days I've noticed that when I log in I am told that there are so many new posts and threads since my last visit. So far so good. When I just logged in it said there were 4 posts and 1 threads.

When I then click on 'View New Posts' I get this message:

vBulletin Message
Sorry, there are no new threads to view.

You may search for threads updated during the previous 24 hours, here.
Then I click on the new posts of the previous 24 hours and I get everything posted during that period, though all are marked read, which they shouldn't since I can see that posts have been made since I last logged in. In fact the ones I can clearly identify amount to the figures given upon login, said 4 posts and 1 threads.

This is the message I get at the top of the list:
The threads below have not been updated since your last visit or since forums have been marked read.
Any problems with reindexing the database maybe? Any help or maybe some checking of the error messages in the ACP would be welcome.

Thanks TD.
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