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From what I can gather, TD doesn't have access to those parts of the ACP (Admin Control Panel) that are required to install additional software.

So, until Ricemaster either decides to grant him full access or installs it himself, I guess we are out of luck on the Chatroom front.

Only thing I can think off would be if someone here was willing and able to investigate what might be available (and obviously fully compatible with this forum software) at no cost, download it, post it here and provide instructions for its implementation. That might tempt RM to give in to your request.

Alternatively, stick to Skype, Yahoo or any of the other chat programs available. Though that being said, it would be good if the community could agree on a single software to be used, as this would make life easier. Anybody interested in participating you just set up an acct there with a pre agreed part in the log in name used, like 'Hoverfly_MTD', this being just an example.

Also, you'd have to make sure the software was available for all common OS platforms, we don't want anybody left out in the cold just because he may be using an Apple or a PC with Linux.

Again and as always, just my two cents worth.
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