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Originally Posted by stoutman View Post
Whether she is is or is not female is her business. Yeah it does negate the value of what is being said but to point it out like that is a bit harsh and will certainly push away the poster. We dont have to perfectly believe someone but we should not be rude about it. It just causes problems and hard feelings where we should be more supportive, no matter what previous problems there have been.

Welcome and thanks for sharing!
Whether she is a female or not should be everyone's business. Why should a guy masquerading as a woman be accepted? people should be who and what they are.

Women are so rare here I can't help but be skeptical when one shows up saying how much they love small dicks and especially if they say they're into SPH.

I would just like to be sure we're dealing with a real woman. I don't see anything wrong with that.

Believe me I want her to be a real woman.

What happened to sexykaty. She hasn't posted anything in two weeks.
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