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Originally Posted by Virgin4Inch View Post
Whether she is a female or not should be everyone's business. Why should a guy masquerading as a woman be accepted? people should be who and what they are.

Women are so rare here I can't help but be skeptical when one shows up saying how much they love small dicks and especially if they say they're into SPH.

I would just like to be sure we're dealing with a real woman. I don't see anything wrong with that.

Believe me I want her to be a real woman.

What happened to sexykaty. She hasn't posted anything in two weeks.
I would love for her to be female too. However, the internet allows for this possible deception. I means its quite possible that I am an alien posing as human to gain some human experiences before actually visiting Earth?!?

The only point I am trying to make is that to automatically assume someone is being deceptive in my opinion is jumping the gun a bit. Even though in your opinion and experience it seems impossible that there would be women out there that like smaller size guys, doesn't mean there aren't. I mean I cant see why there would be any guy who likes small boobs just because I am crazy about large ones...but I know they exist!!!

I just try to not let my biases get in the way of my life or others.. thats all.
Why does it have to be big, small, long, or short? Isn't it just a penis?!? Enjoy it !!
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