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Default The Official Food Porn Thread

The Official Food Porn Thread

Some of you may well say 'the What thread?'

Well, you read right, Food Porn. Remember? Some time ago I started a thread about our non-sexual hobbies and amongst my hobbies I listed that I love cooking and food in general. Allthough the thread pretty much died down over time, there were quite a few people saying that they would love to learn how to cook.

Allthough I do realise this may be yet another thread that'll go the way of every other non-sexually oriented topic, why not, after all, maybe something will come of this one. We shall see.

That's the reason why I decided to start this with basically all kinds of recipes, from easy peasy to hellishly difficult and maybe even give some advice on some of the more basic understanding this requires, as well as some much needed background information on the foods we eat.

One of life's motto's with me, you might as well sum up as:
Eat healthy, eat organic.

That is, whenever you can afford to but at least do try and stay away from food from supermarkets. Go and find a greengrocer, a bakery and a butcher. Chances are, not only will you be buying better produce, but the same produce may cost you less then what you'd expect to pay in a large store.

Better still, find the producer and buy directly from the farm. I know, for some of you this may not be an option but for those that have the facilities, do it, you'll notice the difference immediately. Also, it gives you a better understanding about where you food comes from (this implies you stay well clear of any farmer that is in cahoots with Monsanto and their cronies).

We still have to go to the supermarket ourselves but that is for items that simply don't grow on a farm. Toilet paper comes to mind, not seen that growing in the wild for some time now.

Organic has a very simple background, a) I used to own and run an organic greengrocers, b) the difference is in the flavour and c) no GM, no pesticides, no rubbish in your food. For years I had been suffering from bad indigestion whenever I had a capsicum (bell pepper), never again with organic ones. Besides, it does a lot for the environment, something we should all be a little more concerned about then we currently appear to be.

Anyway, enough preaching for one day and back to the threads general idea.

I will devote one post to each and every recipe, as well as set up an index with links to the actual recipe posts. If you wish to share anything, feel free to do it here, which would make sense rather then clutter up the whole forum and I will add your recipe to the index.

Every recipe will be available to view in the post as well as a downloadable PDF file, at least mine will be anyway.

Feel free to comment, ask me anything and everything. Not that I know it all, but I am always willing to find out.

Slow food is the only way to go.
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