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Very well put!

As for actual positions since writing this morning I was thinking back to when my hubby and I were first exploring ourselves since we were both virgins and had little knowledge of anything sexual as far as positions go. (Nothing like that was ever discussed to us in our very conservative families) I remembered one we came up with he called riding the saddle. At the time did not understand it too well just that it worked for us. Now after having taken his Human Biology class he had explained how a saddle joint worked like your thumb. This does not put you face to face but it does allow you to get in. Imagine taking both your hands and where your thumbs separate from the hand the fleshy part push those two together. Now imagine this is you and your partner strattling each other.

For us this is probably how our first three children were concieved (of course the first two were twins). After this we became much more capable to get in and stay in, in normal positions.
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