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Originally Posted by Kockette View Post
I posted this in another category, but I think its an important issue. Look, I will be realistic and say sometimes having a 7 incher would have made life simpler. Like being born rich, not having to TRY. But trying is what makes life interesting, and if you have teeny weenie it means you have to try harder. You have to be an interesting lover, not just a good one.
So a few basics that have kept me from rarely sleeping alone because (snif) nobody will love me because I have such a small teeny one...(snif) Enjoy and comment!

1. Back massages and foot massage as foreplay. By the time you get around to penetration..they are already satified.
2. Note with even the biggest wangers out there, porn stars rub thier clit deftly to have an orgasm. Get good at this and few complaints in the little dicklet department.
3. Most woman love being kissed all over. Think of it as a magic trick: your willy may not be the center of attention if your hands and mouth are busy.
4. I had one women who would come every time when I pushed my thumb gently into her bottom while my cocklet was in her pussy. Hey it takes some practice but boy did she love it! Best not try that on the first date however.
5. Do the English thing: you get served last. Unless she is satisfied, you are not, even if it means you have to stop. Your flag pole may not be big, but you can have the better flag.
6. And most of all, remember "We all want to be needed, but nobody likes someone who is needy". If you want sex badly don't beg, instead make her a great meal, wash her car, get her some flowers. The sex will come!
i totaly agree with this one...... i do the same thing....

women want to feel safe and secure.. and when you make love, make them feel that, most girls i know just want someone who they feel secure with..

heres a step by step on how i do it.. usually hehehe

you start off by kissing.. a lot of kissing.. most girls i know like that... not too wet and not to fast.. just slowly kiss her.. you ask when to use the tongue? i usually make her do the 1st move when you kiss just open your mouth a little ( if the girl is exeperienced) she'll usually do 1st move.. by then what you want to do is dont suck on it.. carres it with your tongue.. as if inviting her to do more... when you kiss... try biting her lip... not that hard... just a tiny bit... but make sure it doesnt hurt... now (if the girl isnt experienced) you usually have to make the 1st move with the tongue.. when you do it... dont stick it right away in her mouth.. your goal it to make her follow you.. me her tongue come out and play.. me i usually let my tongue out not too much just enough to touch her upper teeth... in a like "come here" motion when you use your finger.. if she follows then she's really into it... remember!! not too wet!!! its a turn off!!!

now!! the hands!!! where to put them!!??

girls dont want you to instantly hold there boobs! theyre not hookers... it takes time... while doing the kissing.... as ive said above..(while both of you are standing).... me what i usually do... i put both of me hands on her waist... when the kissing intensify i place my other hand on the side of her face... like you see in the movies... and your thumb gently caressing her cheek... usually by that time shes really really into the kissing..... sometimes .... (remember the hand thats on her waist).. i slowly move it down... (n no not for 3rd base).. down to the side of her thighs... n a pull up her thigh...( hopefully im still making sense hehe)... by know your one hand is on the side of her face... and your other hand on her thigh raising it just a bit.... dunnot if you still get me.... hehehe

thats the tip i can give.... the kissing part anyway... if you want to know more... just ask.. hehehe
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