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Thanks for the replies guys.
I understand peoples reluctance to show faces - its something I do, but I'm not judging people who don't, each to their own.

Had an experience the other week that almost made me stop.
I started following a hot girl on Twitter who I knew but hadn't seen for about 10 years.
I didn't think she'd recognise me; she didn't know me too well, my look has changed a lot since then and I've moved away from that area, but she soon sent me a private message to ask if it was me and naming mutual friends we'd had back then.
Then she tweeted a pic of me and another girl who I hadn't seen for around the same time recognised me. They were having a converstion about me on Twitter saying how they were shocked to see me in stockings and heels using a dildo on myself and about how small my cock is.

I panicked and blocked them and was about to delete my account when I realised I had an erection and was unconciously stroking it.
While I haven't seen or spoken to the two of them, I know we still have mutual aquainces who I still see and not knowing whether or not they know about those pics thrills me.

Added an edited screengrab of the girl's timeline after she saw my pics.
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