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In the end, everyone loves everything.

Some guys fuk dogs, others like women over 70, others like them under 10, some like them over 100 kg, others like them skinny.

When I was a youngster, (born in 1946) you was obliged to say "cor" at everything blonde with big tits if I wanted to appear "normal." Those days are over and at long last and with difficulty the expression "normal" is out of the window.

Some guys still have a complex about the size of their dicks but that dates back to the days of the big titted blonde. All the women I've met, which unfortunately includes a few hardened whores, they all assure me that it's hardness, not length that counts, that it's charm and not exhibition that turns a woman on the most, and, from personal experience, I can endorse that the latter is the most important.

Some guys fuk with dogs, others like it up the Harris, some like knickers full of period blood, the list is endless, surf all the porno sites on the web and you'll be amazed. As the great Barnum said, "There's something to please everyone."

It's the same with women, they have their particular preferences too, and as many complexes too although they differ from us guys. Get out of the 1960's idea that women fuk as a favour or because it's obligatory because theyr'e married. To each person his problem.

The big turn-on for a guy is visual, the big turn-on for a woman is smell. (That's why you rarely see a woman in a sex shop). Personally, I can't stand the small of a woman's minge while my first wife's preferences were n°1, hairs, and n°2, vaginal odour. She was 100%bi). If my present wife read this I'd be beaten to death.

In other words, there's no "normal." Somewhere, someone loves everything. It's up to you to go looking.

(As an after thought, at my age the hardness is beginning to wear off but I'm still an expert with the tongue).
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