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I started off with fingers and various household items. Over the years the urges have grown stronger, I used my ex's massive 8" rampant rabbit and ride it like a demon. I had girls play with my ass too.

I've always had some gay fantasies too and one night I was drinking at a hotel bar and a black guy started chatting to me. He was trying to seduce me to try men and I told him I didn't like men but he kept trying. Finally he said to me "just let me suck your cock" which actually got me turned on so I said yes. We went back to my room and he told me to take my clothes off, so I did. Then he started kissing me and wanking my cock. I just totally submitted to him and lay back in the bed, then he fucked my ass. He bossed me about and had me ride him and kiss, while softly saying to me "you are so fucking gay". Was really hot and I just loved living out the fantasy.

Since then I have not been seduced by any more men but I did bump into a hot trans girl with a massive cock. I was planning to fuck her ass but when you pulled her giant cock out I literally fell to my knees and started sucking it. She had me lie down and slapped my face with her cock in between sticking it in my mouth. Was not long before she was pounding my ass real hard, was incredible.
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