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Hey. I like to be naked in front of people. After circumcision my cock (soft) became even smaller: before the minimum size of about ½ - 1 inch, but after circumcision cock is sometimes not VISIBLE! For the first time who see me might think that this penectomy : balls are visible and don't have shit. Sometimes my cock is soft 1 inch, but the testicles are up and the scrotum is shrunk: at this point people may think I'm a EUNUCH. I often looked like katrat in the locker room after the pool: the testicles often hid after a cool shower. Once in the locker room over me laughed at me children 11-12 years: their the cock and testicles were more than my! I really like when people look at my micro-cock and micro-scrotum. I try to keep my friends did not know about my size, for this when we go to the bath I try to constantly quietly touch your cock to make it seem bigger. At the same time when I change clothes in the public locker room I want my dick to be as small as possible, scrotum as small as possible. So that nothing distracts I try to shave my hair around the dick. I dream to visit a nudist beach, but I'm afraid to meet my friends.

I also like to be humiliated for a little dick and hit me in the groin.



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