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Originally Posted by Jsn846 View Post
My massage therapist let’s me go nude without a cover. I still remember the first time I flipped over and she saw my tiny penis. I looked at her to see if she would laugh but she never did. I don’t get hard during massages either so my 1” soft cock was there for her to see.
Last time, I flipped over the wrong way, purposely, so she would see my little dick. She giggled but she was an Asian, with very little English ability, so whatever she said, was lost on me.

Like you, usually don't get hard during a massage but I managed it once. I did on purpose. In truth, really had to work at it. This masseuse was a friend of mine and I know she saw the sheet tented a few inches. Told my wife I got an erection while being massaged by "Susan". (Did not tell her it was intentional). She just said, "Poor Susan". Not quite sure what she meant by
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