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I keep having this fantasy of fucking my bbw mother in law. She takes off my pants, sees my dick, and asks me "are you sure this is going to get me off?" I start kissing her, pulling her clothes off, kneeling down as I take down her tight pants. I can smell her pussy already.

I get hard and she looks, as it's digging into her leg now. She asks if that's as hard as it gets, and I say yes. She starts to laugh, and I tell her that I'm going to make her cum all over my dick.

She lays on her back and I climb all the way on top of her, until I can feel her hairy cunt touching my dick. Her hand starts to glide my dick inside of her, she's surprised at how hard I actually am.

It's been years since she's had any dick, so she's not quite prepared for me. I'm barely in when she inhales quickly.

"Oh my god, is that just the head of your dick?' I nod as I slowly plunge further inside her warm, wet, mature, and delicious pussy.

She's moaning as I rub up against her gspot, all the while her hand is going crazy on her clit. Soon enough, she starts to say she's going to cum, but she can't even make out the words; her eyes are rolling in the back of her head, her massive tits are moving with the thrusts of my dick, and her cunt... Her cunt is throbbing and genuinely gripping my dick harder and harder as her orgasm continues.

She moans not to stop until I blow my entire load inside her, and I tell her that I love her pussy, and how amazing it feels when it squeezes the head and shaft. I tell her I'm going to shoot, and she pulls me down so we can make out while it's happening.

I start shooting, throbbing, blowing every single drop of cum inside her, and she's grabbing my ass, all the while kissing me and moaning. After my dick spurts the last drop, I lay on top of her, tired. She wants me to 'soak' inside her for a bit, so I do.

She tells me that I definitely have a small dick, but it's all the dick she needs.


Goddamn, I wish I could fuck my mother in law.

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