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I think the medical scene is awesome. Have a guy come in and say he's really worried about his penis being too small and have the hot actress play the doctor telling him it's probably just all in his head. Have him get on the table or whatever and show her. And have her just go off and laugh and all the humiliating lines. Then have her give me a handjob and a blowjob and then fuck the hell out of him all the while humiliating him. Hopefully the guy can last long!

My other idea is a have a baby sitter scene in which the man comes up to pay the girl and then cue typical porn scene only after he reveals his penis does she explain how his son was running around earlier naked and his penis is bigger! Maybe she questions him if he's actually the father or not? Have her seriously rip into his size and then give him a pity hj/bj/fuck.
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