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1) An attractive young woman gets audited at tax time and has to go down to her local IRS office. Once there she begs the governmental accountant to help her out with the audit and maybe she can help him with something (she says seductively). At first the accountant says no, saying it's unethical, but this woman is beautiful and soon he relents. Turns out a guy working with such big numbers is actually working with a small number himself (if you get my meaning). Then of course the standard sph/pity fuck etc. Plus a little bit of blackmail as it goes from her hoping to get help with a problem by having sex with him and then not only having sex with him but threatening to expose not only his unethical behavior but also his lack of manhood.


2) A man is getting married and his friends throw him a bachelor party at a strip club. They hire a stripper, she gives him a lap dance. He's nervous during the dance of course and the stripper keeps grinding on him. His friends chip in and pay for other services from the stripper, she takes him into the back room of the club where she starts to have sex with him only to discover his small package. She runs and gets some of her stripper friends and they take turns laughing and pleasuring him.

If the production values for that are to high it could be reworked to include multiple strippers at a bachelor party in someones house or apartment and a couple of strippers take him into a bedroom.
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