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Originally Posted by smalldicklover View Post
Does anyone else find it ironic that the biggest troll on this forum is moaning about trolls? Are you only allowed to be here if you have a really small cock? Barelythere only joined last week and he's got the right to 'attack' people? now the mods are agreeing with him! He doesn't contribute, is just rude, justifies it as being some sort of crusader for the small dicked guy! Fuck this forum.
Don't get me wrong, Everyone is welcome here! "Troll" here doesn't mean every guy with a big dick who posts his picture here. We do sometimes get people with average cocks posting in here just to show off, make us jealous or whatever and have no real interest in participating in the forum.

But anyway, regardless of who is a troll and who is not, it is ONLY rude and/or insulting posts that will NOT be tolerated anymore and will result in a 1 week ban for the poster! repeat offense would lead to a permanent ban. Just send me or some other MOD a pm if you see anyone being rude and we will take care of it.

Everyone is welcome here as long as they are polite towards others.

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