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Old 07-04-2011, 04:50 PM   #21
Tiny Dick Wanna Be
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I like shaved slutty girls devouring huge dicks while mine lies caged, limp and unused. So basically SPH
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Old 07-07-2011, 04:52 AM   #22
Tiny Dick Expert
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If not for fear of arrest I like public nidity. I'd get my wife to show her tits to trukers. Years ago I'd go to an area where men would meet on a walk path in the woods and play. That got me soo hot. I'd s
be in my car with my cock out and a guy would walk up, start a conversation. He'd see my cock and reach in and play with it. I luv ladyboys, small cocks, bbw and get really turned on watching a man pee.
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Old 07-07-2011, 06:37 PM   #23
Tiny Dick Novice
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i love hairless asians with small cocks
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Old 07-09-2011, 04:59 AM   #24
Tiny Dick Extraordinaire
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Soft, tiny uncuts--tinier the better! Really fem, hormonal breasted lady-boys with... guess what (hehehe) soft, tiny uncuts!!! Big clits, too!!! All sorts of (non-destructive) foreskin play!
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Old 07-10-2011, 01:28 AM   #25
Tiny Dick Intermediate
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I am into SPH and have many experiences real and imagined in that regard. My girlfriend and I have participated in an MMF threesome on 3 separate occasions now (al the other guys involved had much much bigger dicks than mine) I have fantasized about a threesome involving a well-hung tranny and my gf as well as mano y mano humiliation by a well hung tranny pressing their much bigger cock up against my dicklet and laughing at me.
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Old 07-21-2011, 12:44 PM   #26
Tiny Dick Beginner
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My fetish are chubby mature women; also submissive men with small dick, simulating female pubis.
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Old 07-26-2011, 01:43 AM   #27
Tiny Dick Beginner
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Oh yeah ! Don't get to meet them though :-(
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Old 08-08-2011, 02:43 AM   #28
Tiny Dick Intermediate
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Location: England
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Default Fantasy Fulfilled

My girlfriend confessed to having a fantasy about being fucked by an ugly man. She never pursued it because as we all know reality can be something quite different from what we can imagine and often very disapointing. However my SPH fetish means I enjoy watching my partner being fucked by another guy with a big cock (which we have quite enjoyably partaken in) I have an ex-work colleague who I occassionally still socialise with (mostly to watch football matches at a pub) . I knew he had a very large cock (flaccid size anyway) as I have seen it when in the public loos. He is quite affable but he has never had a girlfriend or even had sex (except with himself) by his own admission. I have asked him if he ever considered paying for it but he was completely adverse to that so he remained a virgin and had pretty well accepted that as his lot. He is not a handsome man (a cross between Bob Hoskins and Louie from 'Taxi')
I set it up so my girlfriend could meet him not giving up my agenda to either her or him (Vince) As I said he is quite affable so she got on with him quite well and remarked to me what a nice guy he was later on.
About a week or so later when we were discussing the possibilty of arranging another threesome sometime I suggested Vince as a candidate. I informed her of the fact that he was essentially a virgin and this tweeked her interest a bit. A week or so later she asked me if she conceded to it would he be interested. I said that I was going to be seeing him at the pub that weekend and I would somehow broach the subject. I knew he would be definitely interested in her but perhaps not with me involved. There was no intention on my part of male on male contact so I thought that there was a chance he may not want to pass the opportunity for his first ever fuck by.
I met with him and at the latter part of the evening I turned the conversation to sexual matters. I asked him at some point what he thought about my girlfriend. He confessed that he thought she was very attractiveand sexy and I was a lucky guy. I told him that I agreed with the sentiments and that she not only looks the part she is very very good in the sack and up for almost anything. I then asked him if he'd like to have sex with her. His eyes widened but he suggested I was just teasing him. I told him I wasnt and she had already agreed to it but told him about my involvement (nothing about any SPH thing but just that we would both have a go with her)
We went our separate ways that evening but made it clear I was serious and he should have a think about it and if he wanted to partake of the offer just give me a ring or send an e-mail.
He got back to me in a few days and it was a definite yes so we arranged to get together the next weekend after I confirmed that my gf still wanted to go thru with it now that it was a reality.
I will leave some details to your imagining but after an unsure start (he was very nervous) he gained in confidence and after a lukewarm first go with my gf (he came a bit too quickly) he improved massively the second round. I very very much enjoyed as this very well hung (now semi) virgin gave my gf more than a few orgasms as I watched. She was actually louder and more responsive with him than she has ever been with me. She told me that even the first time when he came so quickly she had got a small orgasm.
It went so well that first time we arranged a repeat and a couple of weeks later got together again. This time however I let him in on my SPH fetish. He told me in response that when he saw how small my erection was compared to his that he was a lot less nervous than he had been. Then after he saw how I could make her respond so well with my cock when I followed him the first time he gained a lot of confidence. Finally when he was fucking her the second time he realised that he was giving her a lot of pleasure and it spurred him on. She told him that he had indeed given her multiple orgasms. For my benefit and his she also added that I had never given her such big orgasms as that at least not with my tiny dick.
Anyway we had another evening (and night) frollicking in similar fashion except he was awre of my fetish this time and played up to it a bit (as did she) She had us press our cocks together soft and hard so she could make comparisons (His flaccid cock is longer and thicker than mine erect and completely dwarfs mine flaccid) Vince had seen my soft cock in the loos before but even though it was tiny he assumed I would be much better endowed than I actually am when erect (4" by the way) I again very much enjoyed watching Vince fuck my girlfriend into even louder orgasms as I sat and played with my little cock. This time however when he had climaxed and sated her they both watched as I masturbated my tiny penis and for affect she held his massive flaccid dick as they mocked me with their eyes. .
Basically Hetero but indulge my SPH fetish
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Old 08-08-2011, 03:21 AM   #29
Tiny Dick Advanced
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Thanks Boyish for a great description of your fetish. Mine is much simpler. I like my testicles to be handled roughly. I have seen videos of guys getting the daylights kicked out of their balls and still keep an erection (I don't always like them to be handled roughly but most of the time I do.). I also enjoy them getting hit REALLY hard when I orgasm. My wife has yet to hit them hard enough though.
---- It may be small, wrinkling, and aging...but it is my best friend who I play with each and every day!!!! ----
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Old 08-08-2011, 07:14 PM   #30
Tiny Dick Intermediate
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I'm super turned on by really obese women. I like to rub my tiny pecker around their belly button area as hard as I can, like it was a pussy. And I like to insert their nipple into my urethra and whirl it around. Since I have trouble getting hard and staying hard I rarely try to go inside their real pussy. I also like SPH; and used to go in for cock&ball torture.
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