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Default Sometimes I can smile/laugh...

Sometimes I can smile and sort-of laugh when looking at tiny dic pics, even my own. They look silly to me at times (including mine).

But when I'm naked and near these huge cocked guys, I really can't smile. I get really timid, and shy away.

The size difference between my nub and these cocks that are almost as big as my forearm...well it becomes truly ridiculous, and I'm the ridiculous one with the micropenis.

Anyone else feel this?
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Old 09-06-2016, 09:28 AM   #2
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I can't speak for everyone else, but I do it's only natural it's like standing next to a guy with a six pack or if your bald a guy with loads of hair ect
Your only human it's natural to feel inadequate up against some one who is superio to you in a certain department.
I think in gyms or swimming the majority of small guys our size change in the cubicles and it's only the normal ones or bigger guys that change in the out and open.
Although I change in the open now haha
I think the big dicked guys kinda like it they always look so shock and stare. Get your self naked infront of guys your size you'll feel so much better fella
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I think it's BS. People are different... in sooooooo many ways. Bask in the differences; imagine the ways that you may be superior, ones that may actually count for something. The Internet has generated an entire culture of comparisons, in so many ways that don't make any real world sense, including average penis size. Sure, you may be small in this way, but who cares... but you, and that only if you let yourselves. Viva la difference! And, the thing to take from the Internet... that there is someone who adores absolutely anything... even small cock!!!
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Just remember, only 2 tenths percent of all men are 3.75" or smaller. Not 2 percent, but .2 percent. I think we are elite. Anyone can be average. I liked taking my tiny dick to a nude beach and when the bigger dick guys came around with their girlfriends, they always stood right in front of me and undressed. As if they weren't already huge, they used m to make themselves look way bigger. Who has the problem? Be proud of what you have!
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