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Default Going backwards? WTF

I was actually becoming really OK in the showers with others. I had been OK for a few years.

I still have this problem of being one-one near a larger cocked guy. I'm not sure this will ever go away, hope to reduce.

I swim at campus pool everyday.
This has been for last 3 yrs.

Now I only consider going to the pool when I am sure there will be the least there, (men wise).

I shower alone again.
I cover up with a tower in the locker room.

I have regressed about 5 years of feeling better naked .

What gives?
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As a retired professional, I would strongly suggest that you talk to a professional near you. It is all TOO easy to backslide regarding any anxiety or fear. But, one does not have to do so. All the best, and yes, life requires work to put our crappolla behind us... AND keep it there!

(& btw, THAT looks soooooo nice! I'd like to see ya get to the point you could flaunt it!!!)

I suggest you read liksmones's recent thread here which I just encountered, as well.

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