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Default Recently came out as bisexual

I mean, it's no surprise to anyone here that I'm bisexual, but no one I know IRL knew before last week. Now a bunch of people know, they're supportive, it's wonderful.

The only thing missing is that I still haven't experienced being with another man. I just know that I desperately need some dick that isn't my own. Rubbing, sucking, or fucking, big or small, I don't care; I just want to make you cum. And I want the favour to be returned.

Boys know what boys like

What's nice about being bi is that places like this site or commumal changing rooms are great places to see a lot of skin.

Speaking of which, I'd love to see more of everyone here. So feel free to post a pic of yourself. I promise to cum to it and give you feedback
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Congrats dude.
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