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Default Thoughts??

Hello all it’s been a long time. My wife and I have sex mostly everyday but we were having sex tonite and I asked her, would you like a bigger penis? She said yes sometimes. So I asked her what size would you like? She said 8” and thick... Now mind you I have about 3 1/2 - 4” penis. Again we always have sex a little one sided mostly, she lays on her side and lets me hump her until completion. I’m not complain but not sure what I should do... Try and help her find something of size she likes? Or? Also we are on a kick where I come in make myself hard use her and leave, it’s all very silent. I mean I even finish silent and like I said I just leave. She says it turns her on to be used for sex. Sorry if this is too much just want to see what you good people think, ideas?
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