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Default Prince Charles and the genie

One day Prince Charles comes flying round the corner of Windsor Casle in his Land Rover when he goes clean over one of the corgis. He gets out and says, "Oh dear, mummy will be upset." He has a quick look round to see if nobody is watching, scrapes the remains out from under the mudguard and slings them behind a bush.
Just then a genie pops out from behind the bush covered in bits of dog and starts mouthing off.
"You jug eared pea brained idiot, I'm going to throw a curse on your.......hold on a minute, are you Prince Charles?"
"Well, actually, one is."
"Oh, I'm sorry your Highness, in that case I'll give you a wish. Go on, wish for anything you like."
"Ah, in that case, I wish the poor little doggy could be back to how he was before I ran over him."
"Don't be dafter than you look, haven't you seen the state it's in. Wish for something else."
"Oh dear, I'll wish that Camilla could be as young and beautiful and popular as Lady Di used to be."
"Hold on a minute, we'll see what we can do for the dog first."
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