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Default The explorers

Three explorers in the jungle get captured by cannibals. The cannibal chief says,
"We're going to eat you unless you can performe a forfait."
The explorers say, "OK, anything you like except don't eat us."
"Good, you've got to raise a foot of dick between you. If you can't, it's the cooking pot"
The first explorer whips out his dick and a cannibal measures it.
"Six inches."
The second explorer gets his out.
"Four and a half inches."
They look relieved but the third explorer has a very worried look on his face and starts fumbling about in his trousers. A cannibal measures his dick.
"One and a half inches. Looks like we're going to have to let you go free."
As they were trekking off in the jungle one of the explorers says,
"Jeez, that was a close one. I was beginning to think we were done for."
The third explorer says,
"Me too. Good job I managed to get a hard on."
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