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Default The Titanic

A vicar, a rabbi, and a priest are having a late meal together on the Titanic when it hits an iceberg. The vicar jumps up shouting,
"Save the children, save the children."
"The rabbi says,
"Fuck the children."
The priest says,
"Wait for me rabbi."
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Default In the train

A priest and a rabbi are on a long train journey together when the priest starts up a conversation.
"You're not supposed to eat pork, but have you ever tried it?"
-"Of course," says the rabbi, "but come to think of it, you're supposed to remain celibat. Have you ever had a woman?"
The priest fumbles about a bit and finally mutters,
The rabbi grins,
"It's a lot better than pork, isn't it!"
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Do keep them coming Ragnar. Can't beat a bit of blasphemy, can you.
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