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Default The rabbis' tailor

Two rabbis go to see Marcus Pinktus the tailor. They say,
"Look here Marcus, you've ripped us off. Those last suits you sold us went grey after the first wash."
Marcus gets into a flap,
"My life, I'm an honest man. Look at this stuff gentlemen, never mind the width, feel the quality. It's the same stuff as I make the nuns' habits. You never see them in faded clothes do you? I'll make you up some new suits already."
The rabbis agree, get measured up, go back for a couple of fittings, then finally take their new suits. As they're walking home a couple of nuns come along in the opposite direction. One of the rabbis flings his arms around one of them and rejoins his colleague.
The first nun says to the other,
"What was that all about?
- "I don't know. You saw what happened. He flung his arms around me and muttered something in Latin in my ear."
"What did he say?"
- "I couldn't quite make it out. It sounded like, marcus pinktus fuktus."
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