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Default A Different Angle!

One thing that we do that I think she likes a lot is a change in angle going in and out the just the simple movement in and out. It becomes much more taxting at least for me energy wise, but she can feel the pushing more. Then she does a side to side movement along with my up and down angling and we both hit the max big time.

So after almost 13 years of marriage we have worked it out well I think. She usually goes two or three time and we go together.

That how we do it.
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Yep, it's the coital alignment technique that does the trick. My wife loves it doggy style or spooning, she can then position herself thus that the entry and thrusting angle is just right. This again is where the PC muscle group comes in and anything beyond 3-4" is a waste of time anyway. Certainly rocks her boat bigtime.
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All I have to say is awesome for getting some as a 300+ dude.
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Originally Posted by Road View Post
All I have to say is awesome for getting some as a 300+ dude.
Thanks- (I guess?)

I self-identify with Jack's obese body type and his inny-when-soft penis (as shown in the videos which are featured on this website), although he may weigh far less, if he isn't over 6'2" like I am.
ok418e1 = ok for a teeny one

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