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Default i dont measure up to my dad or brother.

growing up with a brother and father we seen each other naked a lot but they have bigger penis then me im 3.5 soft and 5.5 hard. they are around 5 soft i think by just looking at them i never asked them or pulled out a ruler to measure but has anyone experienced this growing up with a dad or brother?
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I didnt either. My dad and brother were both large. My brother has 8 inches.
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while i was growing up. and being part of a family who are open about their bodies. well compared to my dad, im way too tiny... considering soft penis, im barely visible, and if i had to measure my dad he was around 4 inchs or so... my younger cousins who are 2 and 3 years younger to me, were hung as compared to me... i never felt embarrrassed abt it. and neither was i ashamed to go around in the nude...

i have never seen any guys from my family erect... seen quiet a few semi hard... but nothing entirely hard... but i wud guess they wud be bigger than me..
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