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Default I have a tiny penis

I have a tiny little penis. I love SPH and enjoy showing off my small dick so I can be embarrassed. I have to admit that I get off on being small and being humiliated because of it.
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Originally Posted by bmet View Post
Due to my age, I find it difficult to maintain an erection. You mentioned Viagra, does Cialis or Levitra work as well? Also, the dosage?

I would like to hear from others with the same problem and what you did about it?
No they dont work as well. Cialis and Levitra work more on a long term as if you were with a girl for 2 or 3 days. Its Long acting. Viagra is the best there is period.

I mean Cialis would be good if you just want like normal sex for a few days. However Viagra will give you a Rock Hard Hard on for about 5 hours... youll have a stronger and more potent wood than you did when you were 18. Also viagra will make you last longer and nut harder. Also do a blood test on your testastarone levels... if its low see if your doctor will be nice enough to help you raise those with injections and take into mind that your other hormones such as estradol and womens hormones dont get to high from the injections cuz that will also make it harder to get an erection. Testastarone + Viagra is the best secret to a very good hard on and sex. period. Also your first time take Viagra 50mg 1 hour before sex and do not eat and if you have to eat very little in the hour of waiting for it to kick in. Also no alcohol either but a few drinks after the Viagra kicks in you should be fine just dont overdue it as Alcohol despite what many people say it actually makes it harder to get an erection. If you find 50mg is not enough for you try the 100mg and that will defintaealy make your dick even harder but be warned the side effects and fast heart and stuff are way worse than the 50 thats why I usually stick with the 50. Viagra is horrible for you just so you know. Use it 1-4 times a month max

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Viagra 50 gives me a long lasting....several hours....hard..a real woody
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"No, I haven't been that with a girl so close that she wants to see my penis. I'm a shy guy, the fact I hate my size doesn't help my self-esteem. I think I look average, if I dropped weight that would be awesome, but yea life is tough for me, and my small penis doesn't help me at all. "

Then here is what you should do. Find a gorgeous call girl/escort/craigslist what ever. Make sure that you explain the whole situation to her before. Lie, tell her that your smaller then what you really are. That way, she will know you are small, so the will be no akward moment. And also, when she sees its not as small as you said, it will be a pleasant surprise as well.
Besides, these girls see all kinds of guys im sure, you will not be the smallest.
But you should definitely get it out of your system man. Its must be killing you not to know what a woman really feels like, it was killing me and i was a virgin up untill a few years ago, im going to be 25 sooooo.
I know a lot of people will frown on me for telling you to go to a hooker. But what other choice do guys liek us have? Sit and wait around for the girl of our dreams to come? You can wait tilly you are 40. Just get laid, get it out of your system, just make sure you are safe, and no matter how good the broad looks, do not do anything unsafe. Reason why im saying this is because i im sure the man wants to eat pussy too, so seeing a pretty snatch in front of him might make him loose his cool
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dont look for a escort on craigslist please... usually its just a front to rob you or an ugly hooker. The escort dosent care about your size either. Trust me theve seen smaller than you. I HIGHLY reccomend finding an escort in a country outside of the USA because in the USA you will usually run into bad looking escorts, cops, or bad people when trying to find an escort. Yes you can find good ones here Im sure but its just so much easier in a different country. Thailand .. Middle East.. Latin American Countires is where you would like to be looking. So yes look for an escort if your still a virgin... i reccomend getting a maintence check up with a HIGH QUALITY hooker once a month and inbetween your time try to fuck normal girls as well. Oh try to have as much money as possible. MONEY = Bitches. Also theres nothing wrong with being small crazy8 just cant seem to get over his closed mind about small being bad. One reason for girls humiliating small dicks is because well humans are evil and love to make others feel bad if a girl makes you feel bad you are letting her succed in making her self feel better because on the inside she knows you are much better than her and she likes to make people feel bad becuase of how much of a tramp she is. Your small dick can please any girl.. Just love your dick.
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@Greendragon: That's the spirit. Just what I've been saying all along re. penis size.
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Thank you for your comments. That is what I was looking for.

Now, Viagra is expensive, so have you purchased any generic tablets off shore?
Is there a difference?

Thanks for your opinion.
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Everybody is different so please don't beat yourself up about having a small dick people.
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Old 02-24-2011, 06:00 AM   #39
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get the high quality expensive viagra plz a buddy of mine ordered that crappier generic crap and ended up in the hospital because it was manufactured bad
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If only it was that easy.
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