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  1. Going to try out 'Random Acts of Blowjob' on Reddit
  2. Bad Gateway
  3. Eyes cross when cumming
  4. Masturbation
  5. Cocks getting smaller
  6. Showing off?
  7. Thoughts??
  8. My dicks growing! Shouting it from the rooftops!
  9. Am I really that Small?
  10. Recently came out as bisexual
  11. Ballbusting
  12. What do you think about circumcision???
  13. All members please read this post.
  14. Nudist beach
  15. Horny for my wife, but she's not interested
  16. Is there any proven way to make your dick smaller
  17. How big would you like your penis to be?
  18. Help
  19. why and when does your penis shrink
  20. would you like to be left, naked
  21. would you like to be naked infront of women
  22. My fantasy
  23. Thoughts on FOSTA?
  24. Let's have some fun
  25. Small bulge in boxers
  26. Need more traffic on this site
  27. Small penis humiliation
  28. Chat and jerk off on kik
  29. Stopped by a tiny dick
  30. Prostate exam and full medical
  31. Aussie with a teeny weeny
  32. Trying out condoms
  33. Looking for smaller to dominate
  34. Please read. Very interesting info on penis size and condoms
  35. Cam site member sending me a dildo to try.
  36. Canít believe Iíve been coming to this fourm for years..
  37. Are All Women Size Queens?
  38. Favorite porn searches?
  39. Wife sharing out of control?
  40. Kik dcsizzle if interested in SPH groupchat
  41. Ladies
  42. pics
  43. new
  44. small penis club
  45. Female reactions to size
  46. BBC and cucking
  47. First time
  48. Am I actually small
  49. The drops of love (Precum)
  50. To small for wife
  51. Small penis loser of the week.
  52. please humiliate small penis loser of the week!
  53. Advice for bottoming for a shorter dick?
  54. Puberty
  55. Any straight guys on here?
  56. A question.
  57. New Year Resolutions
  58. Anyone in to this?
  59. Going backwards? WTF
  60. Doctors amused
  61. Castration
  62. New Here
  63. Is a small cock genetic like getting your dads nose?
  64. Sometimes I can smile/laugh...
  65. Free small penis humiliation hypno file
  66. What's bigger?
  67. Video Ideas
  68. Curious about this part of the Forum...
  69. Incredible cock slave hypnosis!
  70. BBW fantasy
  71. Announcement
  72. Small, tight and pulled up balls
  73. Youngest guy here
  74. An embarrassing question...
  75. Who's first sexual experience was with a much older man?
  76. who of you circumcised ???
  77. smallest cock in this Forum
  78. Thank you
  79. Bad day
  80. Average/below average penis, a good thing?
  81. Happy holidays and New Year
  82. Anyone in the UK
  83. Strap ons?
  84. my tiny dick
  85. amateous
  86. Loose Pussy
  87. Where can I go to show my ding a ling
  88. Shaved or not??
  89. Been a while littlens
  90. Cock rings
  91. Computer had a disaster
  92. Anyone online right now?
  93. Foreskin Restoring
  94. I am embarrased to ask this
  95. Getting teased !!
  96. Did you guys close?
  97. A few new pics
  98. Alot Of Lurkers
  99. Awkward little dick moments
  100. Tens Unit Electro Therapy
  101. Couple positive videos
  102. Have you guys tried this?
  103. I have a delicate question
  104. Chastity Play
  105. Small = Tight ???
  106. dick.net ???
  107. pics of my hubby :)
  108. new female member
  109. Louise Glover
  110. Hi
  111. I am glad to be back after the fall
  112. What Do You Make Of This Video?
  113. AWESOME links inside
  114. Sharing your wife/gf?
  115. girls seeing tiny dicks
  116. I want to thank you guys for being there
  117. not all black guys are huge
  118. could you identify this porn star?
  119. different ding a ling sizes
  120. free c2c
  121. skinny with micropenis
  122. could you identify this hot pornstar
  123. I know I am being a pest but I have a question
  124. Tiniest dicks in mainstream porn
  125. I really wish my cock was smaller
  126. Unhung Hero
  127. Can you remember last time you were truly happy?
  128. It just hit me..
  129. SPH from strippers
  130. It seem that we are feeling sorry for ourselves
  131. Are you pissed??
  132. Anybody ever Frot?
  133. A quick question
  134. for guys who want to see small ding a lingz
  135. 2 girls,friendship,I need advise.
  136. Too small for the "pouch"...
  137. I am sorry if I am being a pest
  138. I hope you guys don't mind what I am doing in the wheelchair
  139. I am looking for the old friends I had here
  140. Now that I amback I can talk to you guys again
  141. Penis enlargement worked! Would you people believe this?
  142. Women sharing thoughts on small/large penis experiences
  143. Maybe weare not so different than other guys
  144. small dick sucked
  145. Anyone wana trade gf or wife pics
  146. Please don't misunderstand me
  147. How Thick is your ding a ling?
  148. Exposing my tiny one
  149. Lately I have been looking at nudist web sites
  150. True feelings about a micro penis
  151. Want to know how women really feel?
  152. Full physical examination
  153. Small penis therapy video
  154. Feel good
  155. I cum just as my cock touches her pussy
  156. Alone and sad tonight and thought of here
  157. cumming just seeing her naked
  158. Social Groups
  159. Is My Tiny Dick Dead???!!!
  160. Is it OK to bring small size up positively?
  161. Does anyone wish he has a bigger ding a ling?
  162. The awkward moment when you end up next to your boss in the urinals!
  163. SPH Blogs
  164. Merry Christmas to everyone
  165. Inner Nudist
  166. Internet Dating Sites
  167. I want to express my thanks
  168. anyone have kik messenger?
  169. All Things Cumming
  170. Any Gay Guys?
  171. Meet up
  172. Anyone else like when your gf talks about your tiny cock?
  173. You are back!
  174. I am HURTING so much today
  175. Hung ladies
  176. Bitter tiny guys?
  177. SPH :) Hope this is posted in the right plae..
  178. I hope I am not being a pest
  179. It's OK to be a pedo if you're rich
  180. Floppy Mondo
  181. Floppy Mondo
  182. Really tiny floppy
  183. Disappointing size change
  184. Testicle size & good parenting
  185. Why are there so few posts every day?
  186. I hope I am not offending anyone but WHAT DO YOU CALL YOUR MALE MEMBER
  187. my sissy small penis
  188. Just cuz it's tiny?
  189. Prince Albert (not in a can)
  190. I'm small
  191. Didanyone hear sharon osborne say "jay Leno has a teeny weenie
  192. Does it feel god to masturbate with a foreskin
  193. how do you measure?
  194. Stretching exercise that works
  195. Another dumb question
  196. Have I over reacted
  197. Tiny Dick Positions
  198. Does anyone have a wife or girlfriend who hat a pussy too tight for his ding a ling
  199. have you ever asked your gf or wife to fuck a bigger cock?
  200. Am I just Prejudice?
  201. She's hairy; he's not
  202. Am I just Prejudice?
  203. Check out this vid
  204. Latest average size study
  205. Small Penis Humiliation Custom clips?
  206. Size?
  207. Large areolas & small penis?
  208. The Badpiper (must be seen to be beliebed)
  209. Has anybody been watching/listening to Glastonbury 2013?
  210. I hope I am not bothering you guys
  211. How dd you gf or bf react when they saw your dick?
  212. For those of you who like exploring nature
  213. Stinky Balls
  214. Showing off chats
  215. Taylor Bow Vs Heather Harmon
  216. May I ask a question about foreskins?
  217. You're gonna love this!
  218. Want to know how you size-up
  219. Searchiong computer files from ten yesrs ago
  220. facebook group
  221. Let's Be Positive About Our Tiny Dicks
  222. Australian tiny dicks
  223. What do you think about penis extenders?
  224. If you are into sailing, check out Oracles America's Cup ship
  225. Got something controversial.. and may be offensive..
  226. The longest and funniest advert for a useless product
  227. Sometimes I have too much time on my hands
  228. Mat I ask a question?
  229. An interesting topic for discussion.
  230. Best sites for NON sph porn
  231. TheyFit Condom Ad (3 to 10 inches)
  232. Is it bad to be bigger?
  233. Extensions
  234. NaughtyOver40.com
  235. Best groups for sex?
  236. Am I strange?
  237. Prostate milking
  238. LPSG My rant against large penis capitalism and small penis discrimination
  239. I notice that some guys want to be humiliated because they are small
  240. Mother kills son because of his small penis
  241. Testosterone level
  242. havent jerked off
  243. small balls?
  244. Would you let your wife trim the hair on your ding a ling
  245. Best sites for Small Penis Humiliation
  246. Vintage porn movies vs. new ones
  247. Stamina?
  248. Nice article about penis size.
  249. Grower vs shower
  250. Getting close to a girl .... Then she ask how big it is....,,